The officer who confronted Thomas Matthew Crooks on the roof radioed
Historic Video! Deep State Calls For Trump To Be Impeached,
Hundreds of Failing Water Systems in California Need Funding for New
DJT Stock Sees 800% Volume Spike, Record Shorts DAY BEFORE
European Court of Justice says that Pfizer is liable for damage if
Trump Tax Returns Thief Reveals Stealing Americans’ Records Is
MEPs call for Hungary’s EU voting rights to be suspended, demand
Secret Service 'totally responsible' for design and execution of
Biden Calls for AR-15 Ban After Assassination Attempt on Trump
‘Highly Confidential’: Former FDA Chief Details Fraud in Merck’s
Houston Residents Attack, Poison Utility Workers Restoring Power
CNN’s John King highlighted Tuesday how Donald Trump is on course
Brighteon Broadcast News, July 15, 2024 – Assassination attempt on
‘I am supposed to be dead’ – Trump
Trump: ‘We Hear’ Biden DOJ Plans to Drop Prosecutions Following
Former CDC Director Says FDA Underreported Adverse Side Effects of
The Dark Questions We Don’t Want to Ask, But Have to Ask, About the
Oregon Court Tosses Monsanto Victory in Weedkiller Trial
Donald Trump's Chances of Winning Election Soar After Shooting
Brighteon Broadcast News, July 12, 2024 – Joe Biden’s brain
Something stinks about the whole Trump assassination attempt, and
Brighteon Broadcast News, July 18, 2024 – Blackrock-linked
The Butler Township Commissioner says the SS Director is Lying that
Leading 'Trump Russia Hoax' Propagandist's Wife Indicted As Foreign
Brighteon Broadcast News, July 17, 2024 – More ANOMALIES surface
Surviving assassination attempt changed my father – Donald Trump
California judge: first grader too young for free speech rights,
Alex Soros made what appeared to be threat to Trump on X; and USA
‘This Message Seems Dangerous’: Google Censors Emails, Private
JD Vance vows to deepen support for Israel, slams Biden's approach
US Intelligence Not Ruling Out New Assassination Attempts on Trump
Trump Classified Docs Case Dismissed, Judge Finds Special Counsel
Brighteon Broadcast News, July 16, 2024 – The TIMELINE of coming
Failed Trump Assassination Attempt Did Two Things for Dems, None of
‘Eliminate Him’: A look at the violent rhetoric against Donald
MSNBC guest: donor class ‘has to go out’ and ‘put a bullet in
Jenna Howell, an @FBI employee who works in the NICS firearms
Israeli air strike on Gaza ‘safe zone’ kills dozens – local
“Nearly All” AT&T Customers are Affected by Massive Data Breach;
Colorado Governor Declares Disaster Emergency Over Bird Flu
Catholics rally to pray the rosary outside Knights of Columbus hall
Pro-life advocate Mark Houck raided by FBI now seeking JUSTICE
Pro-life father Mark Houck seeking justice against Biden DOJ after
Pro-life Advocate Mark Houck Raided by FBI Now Seeking JUSTICE
68 Republicans urge Supreme Court to let South Carolina defund
Australian lawmaker to introduce bill requiring religious schools
GOP senators confront Secret Service chief at RNC over Trump
More News from Life Site News »
Stand with the ADL Ban Comedy Today!
Bizarre Satanic Tapestry Displayed at WEF Davos Summit
RINOs Call For WWIII: GOP Senators Ask Biden To 'Hit Iran' &
More News from Info Wars »
Obama Hinting Biden Should Exit Race in Private Calls with Top
Joe Scarborough Demands Biden Advisors Intervene & End Campaign:
Biden Border Gap Becomes Hot Spot for Illegals Entering the U.S.
Democrats In Total Chaos As It Remains Unclear If Biden Will Stay
Trump Considering JPMorgan Chase CEO Dimon for Treasury Sec.
UK Labour Govt Puts Deep State in Charge of Economy in King's
Secret Service Office of Equity Chief Declared DEI 'Mission
More News from The National Pulse »
Trouble In Paradise: Obama Tells Other Democrat Leaders that
Pro-Gun Organization Praises Donald Trump's Selection Of J.D. Vance
Lunatic Alert: One-Third of Democrat Voters Believe Unhinged
New York Senator Chuck Schumer Privately Called On Joe Biden To
Flashback: JD Vance Introduces Bill to Prohibit DEI in Government
Neocon Warmonger Brian Mast Believes Deep State Narrative About
Pro-Trump Allies In Hungary Warn About NATO's Attempt to Kick Off
More News from Big League Politics »
The Satanic Left Is Now Fabricating Absurd & Inane Propaganda
Parents Objecting To Pornographic Materials In Schools Are Facing
Democrats: The Party Of Evil
More News from All News Pipeline »
Fake meat is being introduced into the UK as pet food; they hope to
Governments are adapting to climate change, which is wrong; we
European Court of Justice says that Pfizer is liable for damage if
Czechia data shows that Moderna covid injections are more deadly
Do not resuscitate protocols have become a form of eugenics
Because of the "success" of covid injections, New Zealand wants to
Viv Forbes: There is nothing new about today’s climate
More News from The Expose »
The Ascendance of Sociopaths in U.S. Governance
Instant Impact on the Economy: What Trump and Every Other
Choose one: law enforcement at Trump shooting was either
More News from The Daily Bell »
Emergency preparedness: How to survive a nuclear attack
Power outage preparedness: Staying safe and comfortable during a
Understanding different types of emergencies and how to prepare
More News from Survival News »
Did Trump Fake His Own Assassination? - GreatGameInternational
The Palestinian Question - GreatGameInternational
Crooks Parents Reported Him Missing Just Hours Before Shooting
AT&T Paid $400K To Delete Your Private Data - Shocking Details
YouTubers Beware: Your Videos Are Fueling Billion-Dollar AI
Are You Earning Enough? Compare Your Salary To Global Averages -
How Miles Guo Fooled The World With $1 Billion Scheme -
More News from Great Game India »
Spanish PM Pushes Media Censorship Law Amidst Corruption Scandal
YouTube's New Firearm Censorship Policies Spark Crisis for
Journalists Fear Self-Censorship as Cyprus Debates
Major News Outlet Urges Media to Bury Iconic Trump Photo Due to
J.D Vance on Tech and the Internet
More News from Reclaim The Net »
1000s Of Marylanders Furious About Eminent Domain Risk For New
Blockchain, Tokens And Blackrock's Plan To Own The Fractionalized
Danger: Artificial Intelligence Data Centers Are Overwhelming The
More News from Technocracy News »
EU parliament refuses to condemn Trump assassination attempt,
'Young Arab men have a very short fuse' â" Family of German police
Trump's VP pick is bad for Europe and Germany, warns top German
Germany cuts aid to Ukraine in half in 2025 budget
EU's Charles Michel slams PM Orbán's pro-peace mission in
Poland: Illegal migrants sue Border Guard and win in court despite
Poland now ranks third in NATO troop size, leads European defense
More News from Remix News »
Yemen's Houthis claim deadly drone attack on Tel Aviv
US elections 2024: Democratic Party platform backs Biden's
Trump Organisation and Saudi developer sign deal for Dubai luxury
Paris Olympics 2024: France targets people posing 'security
UK-Turkey relations on course as first Starmer-Erdogan meeting
UK: Pro-Gaza independent candidates hit back over Labour claims of
UK: David Lammy responds to Republican VP pick JD Vance's
More News from Middle East Eye »
WORLD CHAMP: Trump Crushes All-Time Record, Herculean Stamina Days
Donald Trump Spotlights American Victims of Illegal Immigration at
Trump at RNC: 'We Want Our Hostages Back ... Or You Will be Paying
Donald Trump Demands Democrats 'Immediately Stop Weaponizing the
Van Jones: Haven't Been at Convention that Felt Like '24 RNC Since
Trump at RNC Vows to Save American Auto Industry from Biden's EV
Trump Hugs and Kisses Uniform of Sniper Victim Corey Comperatore
More News from Breitbart »
Global Battery Demand Set to Quadruple by 2030
Peak Energy Secures $55M for U.S. Sodium-Ion Battery Production
Commercial Focus on Solid-state and Sodium-ion Batteries by 2030
More News from Sodium Battery Hub »
Longtime pro-jab apologist finally comes clean about lack of
Biden can’t function unless handlers guide his every move with
Ivermectin found to work against Parkinson’s, depression, chronic
Failed GREEN deal? Biden awards nearly $2B to carmakers to boost
Merck defrauded the public for over a decade, falsely advertising
Western media stays silent about IDF admitting it activated
Biden says he might reconsider dropping out if his doctors advise
Trump triumphantly appears at RNC just two days after being shot
Democratic Party may be planning to nominate Biden via virtual
More News from Natural News »
Microsoft's AI Speech Generator Achieves Human Parity, Too
Biden Appoints Social Media Censorship Advocate To White House
AT&T says criminals stole phone records of 'nearly all' customers
More News from Blacklisted News »
Merck defrauded the public for over a decade, falsely advertising
Longtime pro-jab apologist finally comes clean about lack of
Ivermectin found to work against Parkinson’s, depression, chronic
Failed GREEN deal? Biden awards nearly $2B to carmakers to boost
Western media stays silent about IDF admitting it activated
Biden says he might reconsider dropping out if his doctors advise
Democratic Party may be planning to nominate Biden via virtual
More News from News Target »
NO MATCH: High-Tech Western Weapons "USELESS" Against Russia's
Did Israel Deliberately Destroy All Of Gaza's Hospitals? | SHTF
Israel Threatens Lebanon With An "Instant" Offensive | SHTF Plan
Biden Tests Positive For COVID...AGAIN | SHTF Plan
The Trump Assassination Attempt Exposes the Establishment's
International Bird Flu Summit On "Mass Fatality Management Plan"
Death Toll In Gaza Could Reach Almost 600,000 | SHTF Plan
More News from SHTF Plan »
WATCH: Donald Trump Recounts Assassination Attempt, Accepts
Report: Biden Weighs Exiting 2024 Race Amid Growing Pressure from
WATCH: 'Make America Great Again' - Donald Trump Delivers Keynote
Investment Firm's Alleged Short on Trump Stock Sparks Controversy
Former President Trump Announces Death of Lou Dobbs, Calls Him a
Hunter Biden Seeks Dismissal of Criminal Cases, Cites Trump
US Court of Appeals Blocks All of Biden's Student Debt Relief Plan
More News from YOUR News »
Declassified Document Reveals the US Government Discovered an
More News from Humans Be Free »
Vacations... Catch you sooner than you think...
1 million farm animals in danger of starving to death as
More News from Strange Sounds »
A Third of Biden Voters Think Trump Staged the Assassination
Leftists Alarmed Vance Called Alex Jones More Trustworthy Than
Joe Scarborough: Biden Is Going To Lose The Election
Trump Campaign Tells Biden Handlers It's 'Unfair To Commit' To VP
More Strange Questions About the Trump Shooting
The Internet Has A Field Day After Biden Declares "I'm Sick"
Report: Shooter's Parents Alerted Police BEFORE Trump
More News from Modernity News »
Attempt On Trump QUESTIONS Raised! Biden Might Be Replaced This
'Secondary Narratives' Revealed! Russell Brand Weighs In On
Absolute FAILURE BY Secret Service To Protect Trump PROVEN! It Was
More News from We Are Change »
California is late on its own financial health report for the 6th
Philly Fails to Make Top 20 Best Cities List; Fitch Gives A+
Californians Have Little to Show for All That Government Spending
More News from Truth In Accounting »
Mike Adams announces new Brighteon.AI downloadable Large Language
Study shows aromatherapy with rose essential oil can help relieve
CWC Data Science releases AI Large Language Model –
More News from Herbs News »
Trump lawyer says only crime her client committed is 'loving
Tucker Carlson: Trump's unifying the country after getting shot
Trump and Vance to appear for first joint sit-down interview with
Jon Tester becomes second Democratic senator to call for Biden to
Rep. Grothman: The Republican Party platform is the 'obvious
Reps. Grothman and Tiffany say J.D. Vance reenforces Trump's
Rep. Smith: 'You should not be treated differently just because
More News from Just The News »
Global IT outage: Live Updates
East African president reelected with overwhelming majority - RT
North Korea hosts Russian military delegation
Trump vows to fight for unity in first speech since assassination
'Suicide drone' explodes near US consulate in Tel Aviv - reports
Ukrainian woman sets herself on fire over husband's mobilization -
US 'concerned' Russia won't ignore its missile deployment in
More News from Russia Today »
JD Vance Energy and Aura Being Compared To Barack Obama In 2008
DEVELOPING: Joe Biden Allegedly Has Agreed To Step Down As
INCOMING: Here Comes A Brokered Convention.For The Democrats!
Here's How To Make Sure Your Donation Goes To President Trump!
WATCH: New Footage Shows Secret Service Rushing President Trump To
UPDATE: The Brunson Brothers Case Is BACK ON! Let Me Explain.
FACT-CHECK: Did CNN Only Livestream One Trump Rally All Year
More News from En-Volve »
Corporate Coup assassination excerpt: Venezuela's Maduro on John
Keir Starmer faces renewed scrutiny over allegations he protected
Air Force base hosted charity golf tournament for Ukrainian
More News from The Gray Zone »
Yemen declares Tel Aviv 'unsafe zone' after successful drone
Turkiye, Niger to bolster cooperation in energy, defense
Turkiye, Niger agree to bolster cooperation in energy, defence
Israel's draft of ultra-Orthodox to begin with 1,000 orders
UAE echoes western calls for 'international mission' to control
Egypt's Suez Canal takes hit from Yemeni ops in support of Gaza
Will Turkiye move to scuttle Israeli-Cypriot cooperation?
More News from The Cradle Co »
Assassination Revisionism
Natural rights and the American border
Our graduates need books
CBDC currency: Creating shortages with full shelves
Choose one: law enforcement at Trump shooting was either
More News from Mises org »
Survival Nutrition
Junk Food Ads Hook Kids Online, Lawmakers Urge FTC to Take Action
Exclusive: U.S. Government 'Saddled' With COVID Vaccine Injury
Calcium Peroxide in Your Wendy's Classic Burger? • Children's
During Trump Assassination Attempt, Free Speech Worked Brilliantly
EU Commission Hid Vaccine Contract Details From Public, Court
Moderna COVID Vaccines More Deadly Than Pfizer's? Maybe, Analysis
Judge Rejects Testimony Linking Prenatal Use of Tylenol to ADHD •
More News from Children's Health Defense »
Marcel Crok: Do we have to win the climate wars in court? A
Cracks in the NY Climate Act Facade
Roger Hallam Receives Five Year Sentence, other Just Stop Oil
The Titanic scale of floating wind turbines quantified
AMOC's "Cold Blob" Has Gone Missing
Energy Density and Human DNA Will Determine Energy Future
Vineyard Wind Turbine Failure: Incident Details, Regulatory
More News from Watts Up With That »
Bravo! 'Twisters' Director on Not Mentioning Climate Change:
NY Times frets over the ‘big environmental impact’ of
Watch: WEF's Yuval Noah Harari on if Trump becomes President again
Devastating testimony against solar, wind & EVs: ‘Colossal amount
Another environmental scare debunked: New study shows acid rain
More News from Climate Depot »
DEVELOPING: Joe Biden Allegedly Has Agreed To Step Down As
INCOMING: Here Comes A Brokered Convention.For The Democrats!
Here's How To Make Sure Your Donation Goes To President Trump!
UPDATE: The Brunson Brothers Case Is BACK ON! Let Me Explain.
WATCH: New Footage Shows Secret Service Rushing President Trump To
FACT-CHECK: Did CNN Only Livestream One Trump Rally All Year
BOMBSHELL: Why Was The NYT Photographer Using Camera Settings
More News from 100 percent fed up »
New Jersey Democrat Bob Menendez's Corruption Trial Starts Today
UN Scientists Worried Over Climate Inaction
Shark Tank Capitalists Succumb to the Charms of UN Globalists
More News from The New American »
Where Are Europe's Best (& Worst) Spots For A Swim?
Could Critical Metals Corp's Tanbreez Project Become Washington's
APAC stocks continued to slip, ECB sources suggests hawks are open
EU Parliament Refuses To Condemn Trump Assassination Attempt
Globalist "Guru" Claims Trump's Re-Election Will Mean 'The Death
With Chevron Overturned, Congress May Have To Adapt
Providence And President Trump: Gingrich
More News from Zero Hedge »
Swedish military wants to remilitarize the Åland Islands - Free
Bill Gates' New Plan: Cut Down 70 Million Acres of Trees to
Solar researchers sound the alarm to deaf ears: "Severe cold and
More News from Free West Media »
In California "Unprecedented Land Movement" Of About A Foot Per
The Left Has Been Trying To Come Up With Wild Conspiracy Theories
Did DEI Almost Get Donald Trump Killed?
More News from End of the American Dream »
Democrat Activist Shabbos Kestenbaum Speaks at RNC, Endorses Plan
'Top Jewish Republican' Says His Goal is to Keep the GOP's 'Tucker
Secret Service Director Blames 'Sloped Roof' for Security Failure,
More News from Information Liberation »
More Signs and More Wonders! Revelation 13:3—The Beast from the
WHAT'S GOIN' ON? As our World continues to explode into a state of
MORE SIGNS AND WONDERS! Behemoth, Sunspot AR 3664, 15 times bigger
More News from The Big Wobble »
Federal government prioritizes DEI and hiring by gender over
Twenty-Seven arrested, 11 of those illegal immigrants at Copa
Sen. Cotton, others demand AG Garland fire Assistant AG for
More News from Law Enforcement Today »
Biden's Getting Dumped
Murderous Bastards!
"I Love Trump's VP Pick!"
More News from Daily Reckoning »
Key Takeaways From the Final Day of the Republican Convention
Trump Vows to be a President for All Americans in Convention
US 'Won't Hesitate to Take Appropriate Actions' Against CCP
Former Fox News Host Lou Dobbs Dies at Age 78
Comedian Bob Newhart Dies at 94
LIVE UPDATES: Trump to Accept GOP Presidential Nomination
Biden Announces Another $1.2 Billion in Debt Forgiveness for
More News from NTD »
VSRF LIVE: Episode 135 - Canada's Privacy Warriors!
Attempts to debunk my "Moderna and Pfizer are kill shots" post
Steve Kirsch's newsletter
More News from Steve Kirsch Newsletter »
Morning Greatness: RNC Closes With Unifying Trump Speech
The Tide Has Turned
We Must Adequately Fund the Military Tech Race Against China
The Policies of Political Violence
James Fitzgerald and Ray Carr - Dan Proft Counterculture Episode
Morning Greatness: Biden Tests Positive for COVID
Trump's the One
More News from American Greatness »
1 officer dead, multiple injured after Afghan immigrant goes on
CCP censors influencers for 'showcasing a lavish lifestyle' on
Former chess champion Garry Kasparov may face charges under
More News from Human Events »
Plato's Dialogs at Edfu? - Graham Hancock Official Website
Updated fossil record: Israel was the cradle of the Homo genus.
Comet Strike according to the Sumerian Texts - Graham Hancock
More News from Graham Hancock »
Biden Has Covid-19, and an Opportunity to Bow Out
America's October Surprise Will Likely Last 10 Months
Why I Teach a Bible Study In a Saloon - by Daniel Bobinski
More News from Keep The Republic »
Retrospective on Trump/Biden Debate with Professor Shen Yi of
Pepe Escobar and I Discuss International Reaction to Failed
Talking With the Duran and Danny Davis About The Attempt to Kill
More News from A son of the new american revolution »
Russia Says 'Let's Be Realistic' About Chances of Trump Ending
CENTCOM Says It Was Involved in 196 Operations Against ISIS in
Russia Says It May Deploy Nuclear Missiles in Response to New US
Israel's Ben Gvir Makes Provocative Visit to al-Aqsa Mosque
Netanyahu Blocks Order To Build Field Hospital for Gaza Children
Israeli Drone Strike Kills Hamas Commander in Eastern Lebanon
Netanyahu Visits Israeli Troops in Rafah, Says Israel Must
More News from Antiwar news »
Trump Says Bullet Came 'Quarter of Inch' of Taking His Life,
One Killed, Seven Injured in Tel Aviv Attack
Hungary Sees No 'Battlefield Solution' to Ukraine, Calls for Peace
Biden Wants Voters to Focus On His Record, But They Won't Like
Scholz Reaffirms That Germany Will Not Shoot into Ukrainian
Rumors Surface That Biden is Accepting He May Have To Drop Out
Sen Rubio Says Biden Should Resign if He Drops Out
More News from Sputnik International »